The Gateway Experience: Brain Hemisphere Synchronization & “Operation Crestone/Baca” (2 videos, 2 articles, declassified CIA document & webmaster’s comments)

WEBMASTER’S COMMENT: The singing/chanting in the background is a very close approximation of that of Tibetan Buddhist prayers. The colorful imagery, of course, is very reminiscent of that associated with psychedelic drugs. In other words, the CIA has apparently fused the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism with hypnosis and the acid experience promoted by CIA-spychiatrist, Timothy Leary.

Since I practiced Tibetan Buddhism myself for 15 years or so in Crestone and elsewhere with some of the greatest Tibetan Buddhist masters, I am in a position to offer my opinion based on what I learned from them:

And that is this: The appropriation of aspects of Tibetan Buddhist teachings for purposes other what they are intended to accomplish (the dharma, enlightenment) is likely to be regarded by Tibetan masters as a major no-no, a misappropriation of sacred knowledge for self-serving, evil purposes!