UN New Age Cult Theocracy & CIA MKULTRA Mind Control In Crestone/Baca (emails of bewildered locals in 2012-13)

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Crestone is the Petri Dish of Cults being used as ‘thought reform’ in a little town, probably with the approval of the same people that brought us MKUltra. They learned they don’t need drugs; they have the Lamas, who are now a front for “peace” and ‘social harmony” (it’s really working well in Crestone, isn’t it?). With cult Hindu/Buddhist/New Age groups, how it works is that they take over a whole group of people and make them passive, non-participating citizens. It would take every sane citizen in Crestone to rise up and fight that “Spiritual Alliance.” That is probably never going to happen.

This is a global movement of GAIA, a Hindustani/Brahmin movement of World Hindus. Tibetan Buddhism is not Buddhism; it is Hindu Tantra with many ‘masks.” This system created the longest-lasting, most repressive theocracy in the world. Crestone is a multi-Theocracy of cults that are running the town into the ground.

Christine Chandler, psychotherapist, ex-Buddhist, ex-Crestone-resident email, 2013

Webmaster’s Introduction: This post is the same as Appendix 4: Emerging Theocracy in Crestone / Baca?. The following email exchange of bemused and bewildered Crestone citizens (primarily psychologist, Christine Chandler and myself) describes the bullying, manipulations, and indeed, “fourth generation warfare” i.e., low-intensity conflict,” that our community is routinely subjected to. All this under the cover story that Crestone/Baca is a spiritual community! It seems to me that the gas-lighting, systematic lies, and psychological warfare tactics which now engulf the entire planet have been honed and tested in Crestone/Baca for several decades! If one reads through these emails, one discerns that Chandler and I disagree as to which theocratic group actually controls our little berg.

But what if both these groups are more or less controlled by the UN-US-British (military-intelligence) Empire? If so, the British “Raj” that once ruled (and still rules) India is alive and well in America. And now, alongside these British spies and plutocrats, our hidden rulers include CIA and DOD working on behalf of the international plutocrats, who have names like Rockefeller, Rothschild, Goldman Sachs, Bush, ConocoPhilips, Monsanto, etc.

These emails reveal some of the strategies and dynamics that are used in this “soft takeover” (via Marxist revolution) of America, which alas, has proceeded for decades.

Finally, using 20-20 hindsight, and as a “targeted individual” myself since 2013 (IS THIS WHY?), I suggest that the reason that certain local groups fought tooth and nail (damn the torpedoes) to get the Special Fire District is that “first responders” are really the front line attackers in the hidden war of civilian-military forces (gangstalking perpetrators) against American “dissidents”/”terrorists.” They reasoned that with soon-to-be forthcoming fat contracts from Department of Homeland Security to fight domestic “terrorists,” they would rule the Crestone/Baca roost and feather their own nests in the process.

Appendix 4. Crestone/Baca’s Emerging Theocracy: Comments from Cyberspace

1. January 2, 2012

I believe that most people here are victims of the ‘liberal cant” and political correctness, and ‘non-violent communication,’ which sadly has been co-opted by the neoliberals who want us to keep talking and talking about everything but the elephant in the room… Just as Buddhism has been co-opted by the religious new agers. Now, it has been turned into ‘harmony at all costs here.” If you show passion, or righteous anger, you are WRONG and Bad and too aggressive. And this in a town that has allowed the (so and so’s) to threaten and bully people, so they are afraid to speak their minds. But if you call a spade a spade, YOU are too aggressive, while their egregious behaviors cower everyone into silence.

I have people that are pro-fire district that would run us over on the road, they feel entitled to intimidate people, and no one calls that behavior here “uncivil”. So more round table discussions and forums is just more talk, that’s what liberals like to do best, divert all the real energy that would require 100’s of people to attend those POA (Property Owners Association) meetings and SAY “NO MORE”. That would stop them. But no one shows up. (And they think that) special districts, the real corporate entities, will save the community. How did that happen? How could they be so utterly confused?

I think it is a generation that has been so dumbed down in our consumer corporatocracy that to ‘educate them” will take a critical catastrophe. it will get so desperate, when this place realizes that they, the working class has voted for the very political choices that will make them more and more poor and more and more depressed, with the gap between the very wealthy few, and those in serfdom here getting jobs only if they accommodate to Village 21. When they wake up it will be far too late.

So I don’t think that these people developing another ‘forum” will do anything but make people ‘feel warm and fuzzy” It is the liberal class that has and continues to allow this terrible situation to continue.

…. Maybe there will still be a saloon left and the few still in Crestone, will tell their stories over their brew, about the end of their town and how they let a few brigands and bullies run their ‘cash cow,” the middle class in the Baca, out of town. Meanwhile, whoever is left in the Baca will support these districts with their taxes and fees until even they have to throw in the towel, and only the really rich benefactors around these lamas, still supporting these religious kleptocracies, can afford to have houses here.

Christine Chandler, psychologist, ex-Buddhist, and ex-Baca Resident, 2012

2. January 21, 2012

“Dear Concerned Property Owners that still believe in a liberal democracy that separates church and state:

Background on why the Spiritual Alliance is now heavily involved in the Final Hour of the theft of the POA property:

Matthew Crowley (Manager of Shumei International) wrote the first letter in July of 2010 to the Board of County Commissioners of Saguache, ‘endorsing the Fire District after Sandra Hammond, representing Pundarika Foundation (Buddhist) presented this Fire District to them as being of benefit to the Spiritual Centers, who believed they were not being “protected” enough by the Baca Volunteer Fire Department. (This was not true since every Fire department has an obligation to control fires one mile beyond their boundaries). So from their own ignorance and for their own benefit, they sent a letter of support one whole year before the Service Plan was even finished, one whole year before the Baca Property owners knew that their ‘spiritual neighbors,” many of them tax-exempt themselves, and supported for decades by the good will of their neighbors and their POA dues and taxes, were heavily and politically ‘influencing’ the 30,000 dollar grant from the County that allowed this unneeded fire district to push ahead. The Spiritual Alliance group then wrote a second letter, referring to their first letter of support (see attached above) further supporting the District, and signed by all 24 centers, three of which later dropped out after they realized it was at least “unethical” if not illegal.

We spoke with Matthew Crowley when we first got involved in this in May 2011. He was impervious to any idea that a ‘spiritual center” that was tax exempt should not be involved in something that would increase the expenses of an already economically-struggling community. We didn’t know at that time, that he was already heavily influencing the District by his letter of support representing many of these groups back in July of 2010. One can see from his email letter that he believes this is the duty of the spiritual alliance, i.e. to interfere in politics while being completely ignorant of what is actually happening in the community. Their precious presence. Sandra Hammond herself, representing Pundarika, has been actively involved in politics here, imposing her Utopian view of what is best for the community, besides being friends with the fired, ex-fire chief who needs a job on this fire district.

It is the “spiritual alliance” with the head honcho, Hanne Strong/Manitou, that has been behind this Fire District from the beginning. This is why the County Commissioners ignored the ‘critical evidence’ of why to form a district or why to reject it, i.e. criteria such as: 1) “does the area have the density to support a special fire district?” 2) Will it be of economic benefit to the community? 3) Are the existing services adequate already? These are all critical criteria in Title 32 having to do with Special Districts that should have caused the BOCC (Saguache County Board of Supervisors) to immediately reject this District. I doubt the County Commissioners have read Title 32, and the Judge who passed their decision on to the voters had a grave conflict of interest. He should have ‘recused himself” from his decision and he ignored what the County Commissioners did not do in terms of due diligence. This is how we got this far.

So this group of ‘spiritual’ entities have their hands all over this unneeded district getting as far as it did, and it is why they are determined to continue to brainwash the community with their ‘spiritual credentials” of harmony and peace, so that a majority in the Baca would just uncritically ‘accept” this District as a good thing. Nor do any of them know how this ‘cabal of four” POA Board members have been ransacking the current Baca fire departments budget to greedily get all they can. Nor do they know, because they have never been curious at all, nor have they been to the meetings, and witnessed how (Board members X and Y) have broken the statutes of CCOIA under the Colorado Statutes and the covenants and bylaws of the POA, by not recusing themselves from voting on anything to do with the Fire District because of future gain and ‘conflict of interest”, or the future gain of (“so and so’s”) ‘family member” “so and so”. You can be assured that when they have hijacked the $305,000 of the POA to support them with salaries and pensions, that (three individuals) will all have positions on this Fire District. Their not recusing themselves, according to C.R.S. amendment 11-1124, now makes ALL the votes of the whole board null and void concerning this fire district. But because we have not had the thousands and thousands of dollars of legal representation (including legal monies of the POA) we have been unable to ‘enforce” these statutes on this corrupted POA board.

So there is no surprise that at the final hour, this ‘spiritual alliance” is fighting actually to push this through to ‘save their baby” that they were instrumental in pushing forward unethically, if not illegally, as tax-exempt entities. This is corruption at every level, including an alliance of ‘churches” behind the scenes from the beginning to force this fire district on us, despite our votes and despite what the community has said, i.e. ‘we don’t want to fund this unneeded district”. Yet they are calling this process ‘peace and harmony” and community- building.

I feel as though I woke up and found myself in a new age theocracy pulling the strings of our community with patriarchal elders from another century, a feudal religious arm of the new corporate state. And like feudal theocracies, ‘demonizing” people who do use their critical intelligence and reasoning faculties, and speak out against this kind of corruption this is their real modus operandi. Unfortunately, many people here have no idea how this spiritual alliance group has been the driving force to push through this unneeded Fire District on their neighbors, and how they are serving the corporate state. (After all, many of them are corporate franchises themselves, pulling in all kinds of monies here, while keeping up the pretense of humble religious centers. The head of one of these groups is being investigated and charged with money laundering and fraud in India. They hope their devotees here will never know about this.) Yet if people actually read the documents they would see that their fingerprints are all over this.

Although citing their monopoly on ‘reason,” they have never researched Special Districts, or Title 32, and have been mentally and emotionally closed to information that we have tried to disseminate that would broaden their understanding of what is at stake for their neighbors. They have demonized any dissent or opposition, as they continue to do in these emails. It is they that are operating completely from emotion, i.e. their own power needs to be controlling the Baca from ‘on high ‘ in the hills, and to save face, because no matter what the feedback, they cannot admit they were wrong. That is a very scary development in our ‘spiritual arm” in the Baca. A tiny but very influential “Vatican of power” that is controlling things behind the scenes.

I don’t think there is a better example of why we separate church and state in this country. This is feudal theocracy developing here, essentially eliminating 500 years of ‘western enlightenment” and liberal democratic principles.

3. January 21, 2012

Crestone, Colorado

Vortex of enlightenment or black hole of ignorance, corruption, and deceit?

Plaintive bleats indicate that previously asleep sheep are becoming resentful of being fleeced to the bone by a conspiring cabal of self-serving – pseudo – spiritual/ environmental cronies. Leaders by default have filled the void of apathetic community non-involvement – readily assuming what they believe to be an unassailable “holier than thou” role – subtle self-serving predators leeching off tax and dues revenue provided by citizens who do not enjoy special financial or legal protections or tax exempt status. This elitist group espouses and demands a false, phony, superficial veneer of harmony and peace. The uninformed public – somnambulant and passive – accepts this non-confrontational – warm and fuzzy induced state of mind – nicely free of critical thought or the personal responsibility that goes with vigilant citizenship – required by all who live in a viable Representative Democracy. Conversely, autocracies, plutocracies and theocracies require blind trust and, of course, ever increasing tithes, dues and taxes.

The age-old mantras of tyranny ring forth: “pay up and shut up,” “love it or leave it,” “don’t make waves,” “just go along,” so life (at least theirs) can be all pleasant and turmoil-free. Troubling debates over such trivial matters as right and wrong – individual rights – laws – justice – facts – Truth are then eliminated. Complaints, concerns, or involvement of any sort by local plebeians is not appreciated. “Who do you know?” rather than “What do you know?” is always the preferred mode of social cooperation. Dissent is not tolerated and is considered divisive and abrasive for smooth running of pre-conceived plans and agendas – no exceptions allowed. We, of the unenlightened second class, are expected to continue meekly accepting the subjective Crestone crony/cabal vision of serfs in a happy utopia passively residing within the town of Crestone and adjacent Baca/Hammersmith Development. POA Board member, Bob Garnett, is an exception.

He has actually listened to his constituency during several generations of the POA government. He and several other good citizens have persevered, in spite of enormous pressure by the cabal, and have uncovered crucial evidence of irregularities impacting basic membership rights, including the prior removal of mandatory and essential voter quorum statues required for validation of any and all attempted changes to policies, covenants, codes, regulations, and laws. Refusal/failure to recognize voter rights or enforce existing laws directly impacts local, county, and Colorado citizens and the rights of all POA members. Current and previous POA governments are directly involved in instituting egregious changes to our covenants that they found inconvenient for their agendas. The current Fire District at All Cost promotion by the Crestone Spiritual Alliance, et al, is another agenda-driven coercion which completely ignores or is ignorant of the legal rights of others – taxpayers who will actually be burdened with the fiscal responsibility without vote or say. Citizen rights must be recognized and all legal recourse must be allowed. The light of Truth must shine on these matters. Ignorance of laws and outright criminality cannot be allowed to prevail in a just society. Due process remains thwarted, blocked, and ignored by all involved government agencies and entities – on all levels – as incredible as it is outrageous in this society created Of, By and For the People. Our best interests are not being served. The exact opposite is now in effect. Basic integrity must be restored along with trust and confidence in this system that is now broken, tainted, corrupt and self-serving.

Separation of Church and State is a very wise concept – provided as protection from the domination of theocrats over their fellow Americans who have the temerity to object to ignorant or blatantly selfish agendas. Legal and moral impunity is not a dispensation provided by the State and the American Constitution, thank God. There are constitutionally provided power checks for those who operate as if they are on a higher rung of some spiritual hierarchy and who believe they know what is best for Crestone.

Systems that generate privilege, power, and money obviously work well for the Crestone crony/cabal, however unethical. Accountability for criminal activity is the province of the State, at least when the legal system is functioning properly. Moral or karmic judgment is the purview of the Church. In the Crestone microcosm, hypocrisy is the real name of the game. Hypocrisy has always been considered a great sin within most established spiritual/religious traditions. Murky ethics and opaque deceptions have become the engine of progress for this community, since few citizens bother becoming informed about issues or have the audacity to actually think for themselves, and have the gumption to attend this generation of noxious/onerous POA meetings or clandestine workshops.

Is this community really different – spiritually and environmentally aware, as claimed – or is this just another deception, a noble claim cooked up by avaricious realtors and spiritual/corporate shills seeking to take advantage of scenic splendor while degrading the ecosystem? “Spiritual and environmental” sounds good, but is not substantiated by facts. Ironically, most POA members bought property here because of this very hope and promise. Proponents of Deep Ecology do not see the requisite mindset for preservation, restoration or protection of this once pristine environment now subjected to all manner of degradations. Ecologically sound and sustainable practices are necessary first. Talk is cheap and honesty is required for a practicing environmentally sound community. Basic, fundamental, existing environmental laws, such as The American Clean Water Act cannot continue to be ignored and violated simply because it is inconvenientto file the mandated permits or implement the necessary protections.

These glorious mountains and precious streams are not being treated as sacred. Is the Almighty Dollar the prime reason to be and live here. The do-anything-for-money locals, the various carpetbaggers, and skin-deep spiritual charlatans that capitalize on the natural world and its beauty clearly do not get it. Treating this glorious ecology as a pretty cardboard backdrop for our human thrashing is sacrilege, non-sustainable and self-destructive. Enlightened leadership is not even a necessity – just a tiny modicum of self-effacement and a touch of altruism would be a refreshing change. Government involvement and service without agendas of personal aggrandizement for the greater good would be helpful. This type of awareness, with several notable exceptions, is lacking. Precious few embody an understanding of the concept of “sacred public trust” delegated to them. Few truly and sincerely represent this trust by actions and deed, and with complete transparency. Simply stated– good public servants are not in it for the money, personal gain or fame, period.

Is ethical guidance from forgotten precepts such as The Golden Rule, with intrinsic respect for the rights of all other sentient beings, too great a hope? Some societies actually are imbued with such awareness. This does not mean that when threatened by invaders – from within or without – free people cannot resist predatory, greedy, selfish acts by the powerful and corrupt among us. Obvious problems within this community (including Saguache County and publicly owned and administered National Parks, Refuges and Forests) must be addressed. All established democratic covenants and laws apply, without exception. All actions/non–actions by public employees or agents, especially those we pay to represent the public’s best interests, are under scrutiny. Colorado State and Federal agencies – regional and national – are not above the law. Some have failed to acknowledge, enforce or abide by specific and very important laws and protections.

We deserve and pay for this protection and depend upon it for our health and welfare. It is called The Social Contract. We have God-given rights that are guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, including freedom of speech, no compromise acceptable. Our Founding Fathers have been spinning in their graves for far too long. We demand a legal system that actually works on behalf of the citizenry of this County, State and Country. These rights must be accessible, and redress available for everyone – not just for the very wealthy or the special interest groups or the connected or the politically correct – but for one and all, without exception. Our rights must be affirmed with expediency and efficiency – before a person dies or runs out of money or otherwise gives up – as is now usually the case. This broken legal system must be fixed pronto – with no more lame denials and excuses. Time has run out on these festering problems – they must be addressed.

Justice, accountability and rule of law – in letter and in spirit – is lacking for residents of Saguache County. A functioning, affordable, and fair legal process must be available – one that addresses such issues as conspiracy to defraud, perjury, and defamation of character. Timely, responsive, and fair court actions are now a rarity. There is no indication that effective reformation, unbiased and unobstructed, will come from within the County. External review is called for to establish a functional legal system in Saguache County. This is mandatory for a viable, healthy community. A healthy Fifth Estate is the underpinning of freedom and democracy. This is an essential ingredient for avoiding all forms of tyranny, which is never “petty.”

Readily available access to factual, non-biased and agenda-free information has not been available consistently in the Crestone/Baca community. The in-house corporate controlled POA newsletter has notoriously failed in this respect. We POA members paid for, and deserve, truthful, unbiased reporting and information. Patently refusing to provide information that is objective and fair is disingenuous, adversarial, unprofessional, unethical, wrong, and shameful for those involved. Sadly, letters submitted to The Crestone Eagle and intended to factually inform the citizenry have not always been printed. Editorial objectivity and professional reporting that is unbiased and makes an effort at presenting all sides of an issue is needed. That being said, readers have the obligation to question and to confirm information. But we must be allowed to see it, without editorial censorship. This is an essential right in a free society. Not everyone here would like to see Crestone become a Sedona of the Mountains. For some of us, quality of life is not measured by growth or income.

A Voice From the Wilderness

January 24, 2012

4. January 25, 2012

Those with the ability to think outside the ‘new age love and harmony” box, intelligent persons who can still inform themselves about what is going onin this tiny town, that has 51 non-profit, tax exempt Churches or religious new age and educational organizations, I REPEAT 51 tax-exempt 501 3c organizations with assets of multi millions, and income in the millions, that are ‘tax exempt” (i.e. ” for every 15 people in Crestone, there is one non-profit church or religious or educational organization that pay no taxes to Saguache, or dues to the POA and many of them take all their income and send it overseas, and keep this Valley dirt poor). That is millions and millions of dollars of taxes not going to the Valley to benefit the citizens of the Valley. Take the time please to really look out on this Valley and really SEE the economic suffering that has resulted from this. But this benefit is not enough for some of these tax exempt groups, they now want to control our government or as Matthew Crowley representative of a spiritual group, tax exempt entity says, in his recent email to the Crestone Spiritual Alliance group:

“One of the early ideas that arose when we entered the process of identifying what vitality means for the Crestone Spiritual Alliance was for us to consider being more involved in community issues, particularly as an example of consensus and to promote peaceful resolution. I feel the particular issue of the fire district became an important catalyst for the CSA, and in all of us understanding the importance of our decision making process and what authority we, as individuals who represent our groups, actually have and when a decision is one that requires a board of directors or other authority beyond our own to make. I for one am sincerely grateful for this important learning experience.” M.C.

In other words, the Fire District was only an experiment, to him and others in how much control they had over other boards of directors or other authorities beyond their own. Glad it has been a ‘learning experience for him.”

Or Hamilton Brannon, who has influenced the POA Board, against our very covenants and bylaws and who is encouraging this “peace and love moralizing fundamentalism” that wants to prevent any critical intelligence or independent thinking, religious groups here, who are actively interfering in the democratic process and trying to override the elections and support an illegal contract to hijack our property. Hamilton Brannon, a director of another tax exempt organization (Subud), that pays no taxes or POA dues, many of which have been growing exponentially in influence, thanks to co-opting of the rest of the ‘spiritual centers” who were here to (do religious) practice, NOT to be involved in politics as a new age theocracy controls the Baca. Hamilton Brannon, who has interfered in the POA bylaws that says any member can speak and there should be special time for “opposition.” But he is trying to prevent oppositional members from speaking, members who have actually gone beyond the Crestone Eagle propaganda sheets, and who have done their research on the statutes of Colorado and the bylaws, and have actually attended meetings (with great disgust), but still were willing to attend and inform themselves about how this co-opted Fire District-POA Board, has ignored the membership and the general vote, and ARE IGNORING THE ELECTION PROCESS AND ITS OUT COME, to hijack with an illegal contract millions in our assets and property to fund this unneeded district.

Hamilton Brannon, encouraging the Spiritual Alliance membership group, non- taxed entities that pay no dues or taxes, or sales taxes to come to the meeting and ‘vibrate their special message of love and harmony and community”, while preventing the rest of us from speaking and basically demonizing anyone who doesn’t agree with this Fire District:

Often, POA meetings seem to attract an audience that is predominately negative—no matter what the agenda. Conversely, folks who are prone to reason find it a chore to attend such meetings. Hence, often the audience and the VIBRATION at POA meetings is not conducive to harmony and problem-solving.” Hamilton Brannon

These statements by Hamilton Brannon, president of the new Fire District Board and President of one of two SUBUD ‘religious organizations in the Baca were put out to the rest of the Crestone Spiritual Alliance group representatives. He asked them to come and influence the outcome of the signing of this illegal contract, as ‘representatives of their spiritual groups” and to stop the ‘opposition” from speaking, as they sit amongst us ‘vibrating’ their peace and love and harmony fundamentalism to censor us. We are the “negatives”, those who use their critical reason and intelligence and not ‘divine inspiration’ to make decisions about our constitutional rights and are trying to protect what is left of our democratic electoral process. And the rest of the love and harmony people who have not informed themselves or attended these 9 months of meetings to actually observe what is taken place or inform themselves beyond the Fire District proponents and their using the one newspaper to ‘sell the district” to the community. There words not mine….

For those of you, who do not want your ‘peace and harmony’ disturbed, by all means don’t read the above.. For those of you who still believe in liberal democratic principles and do not want a New Age Theocracy informing and controlling our governmental bodies here, and still believe in the separation of Church and state, do read the above attached letter (of 1/21/2012), sent by a member of this community. It is an excellent synopsis of what has happened in our community as we have ignored our responsibility as citizens in actively creating a vibrant community that represents all of us, leaving a vacuum so that a phony crony cabal spreading their version of moralizing peace and love, and special interest groups control our governmental bodies, and is making ALL decisions for us now, exerting their power and influence despite how we VOTED. if we continue to remain ignorant and apathetic and too lazy to deserve a representative government in the valley and don’t mind this place becoming a new age theocracy, where all dissent, critical thinking and oppositions has been censored and consent has been ‘manufactured” then we deserve what we get.

Please forward to anyone who still thinks for themselves and does their own research about something so important as this. Please look out on the San Luis Valley and ask yourself, can it afford to get any more destitute and poor? By ignoring the poverty and suffering of those around you, and ignoring what is happening, by not sharing the wealth, then this valley will have no choice but to bring in those oil rigs and those (solar power) sun-catchers, and it will be us in the Baca that cannot connect economic sustainability as part of the equation of environmental sustainability.

5. January 27, 2012

Here in our peace and love community a ‘too aggressive” label will usually do, to dismiss what a person is saying, even though this is an aggressive, calculated plan to erode all protest by anyone who thinks outside this ‘peace and love” totalitarian, communitarian box, i.e. fascism with a ‘smiley face” this time. A return to a feudal , magical thinking time of peace and harmony so we will never never dare complain or protest when we see how those who do are treated by the community ‘spirit” here.

We have a particularly difficult situation here, since we are in the Mother ship of Agenda 21, and have a group of Sustainability New Age Religious groups, doubly reinforcing the brainwashing, and demonizing everyone who thinks outside the ‘peace and love’ herd mentality here calling us “aggressive” or ‘crazy” or even literally ‘demons,” lower energy forms. etc.. If you don’t know it, Agenda 21 was written by Maurice Strong.

Last night we were prevented from speaking at our own POA meeting. The Fire District Board and the POA Board sat together like the Politburo, and all the supporters , the usual suspects, with a few more independent thinkers amongst , nodded and bleated but seemed mostly stunned and really still don’t have a clue what is really taking place before their eyes.

We did have an impact however, the few of us who they haven’t silenced yet. I.e. they didn’t get (win) the vote (for the proposed CrESD Fire District), not from the POA and not from the general population to fund this unneeded district. That doesn’t matter to them, however. They are not interested in the ‘electoral process” They are manufacturing consent here and they hope you never even hear about Agenda 21.

They are afraid to take it back to the people in May for another ballot vote (on the CrESD Fire District), because they suspect it wouldn’t go through again and (lose) with a larger margin and they also don’t have the 10,000 dollars to put it on the ballot again. That is why they can’t wait 2 months to have another election, besides the election was just a front, and now they are twisting the outcome numbers saying we really DID want to support funding it.

That is why they are outright stealing our property now. They are desperate, however smooth-talking they sound.

Please forward this site to anyone who still has a critical cell left in their brain, and might wonder what all the fuss is about.

6. January 28, 2012

I think that bringing up the Agenda 21 issues are going to really flip out people here. Most who are supporting this fire district (CrESD) and the peace and love fantasy of Crestone, when it is really one of the most contentious, divisive places I have ever lived, have come here, with ‘sustainability as their religion” and they have taken over all the other groups and inserted sustainability into these groups. The new BIG Agenda 21 person, who has moved here, and is taking over the Crestone Spritual Allliance of 25 (groups) now, is Mr. James O’Dea, who was director of the DC office of Amnesty International and past Director of the Noetic Sciences Institute, and is ”facilitating meetings” with the CSA25, and it is all about how they can ‘insert themselves” into community and have control. He brags about how he is going to be involved in going to Rome and meeting with the Dalai Lama and influential people for the big planning of the GREAT SPIRITUAL PEACE AND HARMONY FASCIST MEETING! I wonder if this is the Club of Rome bunch meeting. So this O’Dea is the representative here to really suppress and implement the plan with the help of the Spiritual 25.

This is the new BIG honcho Agenda 21 person, who is really inflating that bunch of spiritual representatives here now. But now that the ‘elephant in the room’ has been exposed with our signs and our emails in that room, you can bet these people will be put on notice about the resistance that is growing here to their ‘real agenda’. They definitely took notice and they will be strategizing.

I think we need to be somewhat circumspect now in our fighting too directly. The cognitive dissonance in Crestone/Baca will be profound, people here have built their whole lives around this ‘sustainability” idea they have been programmed for years, and this is their ‘religion.” This is, in fact, the new religion of the whole place, including all the so-called more traditional religions who have been totally co-opted into this greening of their minds and hearts so that the cognitive dissonance will be too great, they will go into MORE denial, as studies have shown, instead of waking up.

Besides, this is the hidden industry here. Just call yourself a ‘sustainability ” organization and you will get a tax exempt status. One in 15 people have a tax exempt status because of getting aboard the sustainability train.

These people cannot be reached. They will fight resistance here as a group and it will get very nasty. And the Spiritual people with Hanna head Queen of ‘dumb green,’ will go to work on us. The only people in the religious contingency I have found, as well, who can be reached, are those that were on a genuine spiritual path, and some of these people are outraged to see how the spiritual community has been co-opted by Shumei and all these green fanatics and their agenda.

We are sadly outnumbered, and the rest of the people here are so apathetic. They don’t realize that soon they won’t be able to afford to live here, and the plan is to shuffle them into the ‘vertical cities” so the really ‘higher ordered spiritual people’ can buy their houses.

The larger group out in the Valley that would need to be informed about how Crestone/Spiritual Sustainability is now controlling their whole lives in the Valley. We have at least put it out there now in their subliminal brains . Hmmm. ‘what do they mean Agenda 21 is Fascism” etc.

Fortunately though, because those POA Board members were told they were breaking the law and could be sued (that’s what their lawyer told them in executive session, what we have been saying all along sending them the statutes, how they have broken them, etc) that is the ONLY reason that POA Board did not sign the contract. That is what Bill Folk didn’t want that whole room to know, but he was pretty firm about not signing it. Let’s see who will prevail, the sustainability religious contingent, or the law.

7. February 9, 2012

Shumei (International) is really practicing the Church of World Messianity religion that their founder Mokichi Okada started in the 1920’s based on his ‘divine revelation” that he was chosen by God to purify the earth. Many of the young Japanese are here as part of their ‘purification through service” requirements, one cannot help but notice that they don’t blend in do they? They are here as part of their indoctrination and forced to be here. No wonder they always look odd and scared and distant….

From the book The Emperors Men:

“Some years later an old Mahikari friend presented him with some teachings of a certain organisation which were identical to those of Yoshikazu Okada’s and yet which pre-dated them by one or two decades. Intrigued by their similarity, Garry and two friends embark upon their own voyage of discovery which was to take him back to Japan. In June 1994, Garry and his friends eventually trace the source of the similar, yet earlier revelations to a certain, Mokichi Okada, (now deceased) a noted poet, artist and philosopher. (Okada is a common name in Japan). After interviewing several of Mokichi Okada’s old friends and ministers, it becomes clear that Yoshikazu Okada had been a minister in Mokichi Okada’s own organisation (Sekai Kyusei Kyo or Church Of World Messianity), but had been sacked for allegedly sexually assaulting a female member of the congregation. These old ministers and friends supplied Garry with anecdotal, documentary and photographic proof of Yoshikazu Okada’s ministerial role etc.”

Shumei is the Church of World Messianity, It is here under the guise of ‘sustainability” and teaching agricultural methods, but it is a CULT on the Cult Watch sites. Two billionaires, Okada’s grandaughter, and Hanna (Strong) met in New York and found they had much in common.

AND IT IS NO ACCIDENT THAT THEY ARE INTERFERING IN OUR POA’s and HAVE GATHERED UP THE Spiritual Centers (remember they wrote those two letters from the CSA, Exhibit O in the very service plan that started this whole ridiculous Fire District?) Fire Districts are about land management and losing electoral control of the decisions that are made, elections, those nasty impediments to the New World Totalitarian Capitalist Order. And Shumei, a.k.a. The Church of World Messianity, has as their goal nothing less than to be the new world religion, in the new world order. That they have organized and have mesmerized all the other spiritual centers into the Crestone Spiritual Alliance, that saw nothing wrong in writing two letters of support for this unneeded Fire District is no accident. I am sure they felt they had Hanna Strong’s protection to do this, and certainly (knew that POA Board member) Linda Joseph, with her own sustainability Echo Viliage tax exempt ‘organization” would go along with everything Hanna wants.

And again, remember that is was Matthew Crowley and Hamilton Brannon (SUBUD is also considered a cult) who forced their moralizing views about squashing any “negativity” by gagging us at our own POA meetings.

More from the above article: “The Japanese Government gives much open support to Mahikari and at each annual anniversary ceremony the Prime Minister at the time, always sends along one of his colleagues as his representative. This representative is only one amongst hundreds of other LDP politicians (the governing party) in attendance. “I first met Okada (Mahikari) about ten years ago … When I learnt that he had a plan to establish the foundation for a new civilisation, I felt great respect for him, and I have been watching him in his role of Great Teacher for ten years … his ideas have found support not only in Japan but throughout the world … From this point of view, the sight of Okada working for the establishment of a new civilisation is awe-inspiring.” Takeo Fukuda, Prime Minister of Japan 1976-78. (Daiseishu. Sukyo Mahikari).

THIS IS A CULT with a plan to take over the world. And that is what it is all about, with a GREEN MASK, of course. They are not here for us, or to help us, or teach us, they are here to bring to fruition their world plan.

In 1990, the new Emperor, Akihito, was enthroned and in spite of their 1946 constitution drawn up by General MacArthur which prohibits the Emperor from once again assuming `Divine Status,’ a condition of their surrender, he has done just that. In other words, the world’s largest and most powerful religious cult, state Shintoism, has once again regained its object of worship and is re-establishing it’s ‘flock’. The reader will learn how possibly the world’s largest and most powerful religious cult is being greatly influenced by such groups as Mahikari, which draw inspiration from the ‘Protocols” and how this influence will soon begin impacting upon the global political and economic arena.”

8. February 11, 2012

….. I believe that there is a coordinated effort going on. This James O’Dea bragged about having a ‘small agenda” which included meeting in Rome with the Dalai Lama this month. I now believe that the Club of Rome exists, but the mass media has so thoroughly ensured that you are lumped in with Conspiracy nuts, that it makes sure that no one can say this out loud, So this is coordinated by the GOLDEN 1% to keep the masses in line, brainwashing them to NEVER speak out, never be disharmonious, constantly to be OBSESSED with ‘are they being kind enough”. in other words, I believe this is a massive effort world-wide, with these organizations, some of them, like Shumei, out and out CULTS, and I include Shambhala in that category now for sure, to be the Global religious arm of totalitarian corporate fascism to keep the sheep forever in the corral of ‘kindness” never getting angry, never showing real emotions.

What has happened in this community, and we have 24 ‘spiritual centers” on board with this crap, meeting up at the doomsday cult, and ‘processing” exactly like Richard Reoch and company are getting them to do, EXACTLY The same format, the same content. i.e. How can we be more compassionate and of service, what can we do, what did we do to bring kindness to the world, etc. IT IS TOO COINCIDENTAL don’t you think? And it has ensured complete and utter passive nihilism here, no one even wants to notice the real criminality and hijacking of their governmental entities, by corporate private-public partnerships. I believe this is a massive coordinated effort now, world wide, whose main purpose is to ‘control” any future opposition or rebellion against turning the majority of us world wide into conforming, brainwashed sheep that will never speak out, never protest. This is a delphi technique that is being implemented through all of these ‘spiritual” new age organizations and I don’t believe it is not coordinated. It has to be. The Sakyong threw his lot in with this bunch, right after that big Theatre event with hosting the Dalai Lama at Shambhala Mountain. Then he was speaking at the Aspen Institute, Goldman Sachs, making that ‘what about me” video etc. Suddenly he was getting a lot of media attention.

9. March 4, 2012

So what does Shumei, James Odea, and the messianic peace ambassadors have in Common with Christian fanatic global theocrats?


The Founder of Neotics Institute is Paul N. Temple, from where James O’dea proudly credentials himself and heralds from, is former Exxon executive, corporate billionaire, who , like Maurice Strong , made his money in oil. and is prominent member of the the Fellowship, or sometimes referred to as the “Family” . If you read the mission statement of the Fellowship, it sounds exactly like the mission statements of Shumei and James O’deas “peace ambassadorship training program:

10. November 7, 2012

I’m… working on this same issue of the closure of the Tranquil Way bypass road. We had a very frustrating meeting today. After giving our very best arguments- at the end of the meeting, it turns out, the County official drops the bomb that the Commissioners had already made their decision on the issue.

Thus, it was all a waste of time. We showed our hands…. The deck was stacked….. And of course we lost- it was done deal before we went into it.

So and so forwarded to me the email you sent her about how the Cottonwood Creek Trail issue is the tip of the iceberg. I think you are right- and we have many UN surrogates, I think, in our community, who are working in many different capacities to implement the UN Agenda 21 takeover of our area. There is a huge aquifer in the San Luis Valley, hence this is a very important prize for them. Maybe this is the “Wildlands Project” trying to come true?

11. September 21, 2013

Subud of course is the spiritual group here whose members seem to have been involved in stealing recent POA elections and then controlling the POA board decisions…. apparently in order to eventually dissolve the POA and turn over POA assets to the newly formed Fire District “volunteers”- who would thereafter get bigger salaries, retirement perks, etc.. In fact some Subud members are associated with both projects- controlling the POA as well as the Fire District- an obvious conflict of interest. I asked google “Is Subud a cult?…. and got several interesting insights. Here is one from Rigorous Intuition:

From (Alex) Constantine, http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/cnst-nws.htm

The McMartin mind control experiments were reportedly the work of Subud, a religious sect with roots in Indonesia and the UK, according to confidential informants (active members who submitted to injections of sodium pentathol before questioning). The cult is a cut-out of the American security elite’s mind control fraternity. One of Subud’s leading lights is Janet Morris…”

Here is from a Christian site (Fresh hope):

“Once a very secretive New Age cult, Subud is now expanding and becoming more open, and no longer hides its teachings behind password-protected web sites. Subud was founded in the 1920s in Java, Indonesia by Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo (b. 1901, d. 1987), who is normally called Bapak (“Father”) by Subud members. There are a little over 200 members in NZ (as of mid 2007), with about 90 in Christchurch, led by Hammond Peek, and most of the rest in Auckland. There are perhaps 10,000 members worldwide.

The name Subud comes from the three words Susila (“the good character of man in accordance with the will of God”), Budhi (“the force of the inner self within man”), and Dharma (“surrender, trust and sincerity towards God”), and is not related to Subuh (“dawn”). The founder expected members to pay 3-5% of their income to the cult (but they can also have many supposed financial crises to respond to each year) and expected members’ enterprises (businesses) to pay 25%. These are not enforced – indeed, most Subud members have not heard of those figures, perhaps indicating that Subud’s teaching that Subud has no teaching is working – the members have never been taught what their founder said. (Hiding of origins is actually a big problem in many cults, but most don’t have self-contradiction at their core.)…..

Central to Subud practice is the latihan – an occult activity like transcendental meditation which according to Dr Stephen Urlich, a Christchurch scientist who wrote an article published in a journal of the American Psychological Association, involves “uninhibited weeping, shouting, writhing, moaning and speaking in tongues” and that “Laughing, jumping and dancing can occur”. A Christian perspective is that this activity involves channeling demons that masqerade as either angels of light or the Holy Spirit to reveal supposed truth to the Subud member. Nasty. Subud has been known to practice strong relationship control, and in a 1964 study cited by Dr Urlich, 24 cases linked Subud to “schizophrenic episodes requiring hospitalisation“.



Subud, Bapak Mohammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo [1901-1987]: Originated in Java, Indonesia, Subud has spread worldwide. Subud stands for three words, Susila, Budhi, and Dharma. The three words taken together mean, “to follow the Will of God with the help of the Divine Power that works both within us and without, by the way of surrendering oneself to the Will of Almighty God” (Internet; http://www.subud.org/english/english.Btalk.html). This surrendering of oneself occurs primarily in a spiritual exercise known as the latihan (sometimes, latihan kejiwaan), a trance like state that can produce anything from ecstatic movement and utterance to profound calm. Disengagement of the “passions, desires, and thinking” is essential for entrance into the latihan. “Only by surrendering himself completely to God, not making use of his mind, his heart or his desire, is it possible for man to come into contact with the Power of God” (Ibid.).

Thus all the higher critical faculties that set man apart from beast must be suspended. Whatever the experience thus induced, it is simply to be surrendered to and “received.”From a Christian point of view this is a perfect recipe for demonic possession. Regular practice of the latihan enables one to discern one’s true self, which apparently turns out to be God. “So this Divine Power, which works in us during the exercise, will bring to each person what is already in himself…. Therefore, Bapak says that it is God Who will lead you toward Himself and what really happens in the latihan is that you will be introduced to your real inner self—to the real ‘I’. You must not be afraid and you must not be worried because whatever comes to you in your latihan is only what is in you, and it comes from your inner self. It is the real you that arises in the latihan,…” (Ibid.).


Here’s a wild theory……. Since Subud, according to researcher Alex Constantine, is a cult associated with America’s and Britain’s elite mind control fraternity and whose members may be demonically possessed……If we put this together with the fact that the Subud is working to dissolve the POA and turn over POA assets to the newly formed but unfunded Fire District, and that the new Fire District is influenced by these same people and also at least in part by Wicca (with associations to the UN)….. Might we just have a perfect scenario for the “paramilitary/cult/demonic/political takeover” of Crestone?


This is a “Spiritual Alliance’ They are all in it together. They are working together. They are the petri dish of cults in America. SUBUD is small potatoes, they are the ‘useful idiots” in the group.

12. September 22, 2013

The Mind-Life Institute of the Dalai Lama is now out of M.I.T. and Stanford. This is where Paperclip and MKUltra experiments were created with CIA and MI6 .

I suggest you read the” Ivory Tower and the Third Reich” by Norwood.

All the Lamas in Crestone are affiliated with the Dalai Lama now and his agenda to infiltrate all aspects of society. Pundarika and KTTG especially are the most corrupted and into this world agenda. (Pundarika was behind the Fire District and caused all that suffering then skittered away, now hiding out and playing it safe. They are now on the world stage with Krisha Das, a Hindu, Hare Krishna Chanter, talking about Global Warming.


Tsokni Rinpoche and Pundarika are in collusion with Dalai Lama, to fool the world and make the West totally ‘saturated’ with this Hindustani Tantric Vajrayana, that is not Buddhism; it is Hindu. They (Tibetans) lost their own country because of their greed and deceptions on their own people; they lived in luxury and opulence as they do in the west now. For them the U.S. is Shangri Lai.

The Mind Life Institute uses pseudo science to fool the world into believing they are ‘scientific’ and not ‘religious. The Dalai Lama is the head of the longest lasting cult in the world, still consulting an oracle 7 or 8 times a year for all decisions, but putting on a the “scientific face” for the west, and has totally fooled academia and psychologists. He is now infiltrating into higher institutions of learning in Europe. (see symposium for Europe).

Crestone/Baca is getting another big monastery, I hear, with a lama who keeps his mistress up in the hills on retreat and puts out his ‘wife’ to shill for Sogyal Rinpoche, who is accused, in a second multi-million dollar law suit, of sadistically abusing 100’s of western women and still going “thriving.” And everyone is in Crestone is pushing for the Eco-Karmapa (Head of Karma Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism) to come to Crestone. He can’t get out of India, and the Nation of India is trying to stop him but the guru worshipping Hindu Brahmins in Dharmasala and Himachall Pradesh, have let him off the hook on criminal charges. If he gets to the West, watch the monkey show around him. He’ll head to Crestone after he has bilked all the young people in Boulder who now totally believe in Global Warming and the Flood. How much of that was ‘orchestrated?” These are cult experts in thought control, these lamas, and they turn Westerners’s brains into mush. They are the real power there in Crestone with the Eco-Karmapa, the Dalai Lama’s protégé, and the biggest Stupa as their ‘flag in the territory.”

Crestone also has Yogi Bhajan’s group represented, with their Tantric Yoga, and “Massage School’ where hundreds of cult devotees are spit out every year to spread Yogi Bhajan ‘s worldview. This cult has billion dollar contracts with Homeland Security. See Steve Hassan former Moonie and cult expert, article :


Going after one group is good, but misses the BIG PICTURE. Subud has been outed as a cult, so has Yogi Bhajan. Tibetan Lamaism, on the other hand, is the motherlode (cult in Crestone) and is still ‘hiding ‘ behind its deception masks of ‘compassion’ and peace. Now it is infiltrating into higher education all over the west and academics and psychologists and ‘scientists” are in collusion, just like in 1930’s Germany.

Crestone is the Petri Dish of Cults being used as ‘thought reform’ in a little town, probably with the approval of the same people that brought us MKUltra. They learned they don’t need drugs; they have the Lamas, who are now a front for “peace” and ‘social harmony” (it’s really working well in Crestone, isn’t it?). With cult Hindu/Buddhist/New Age groups, how it works is that they take over a whole group of people and make them passive, non-participating citizens. It would take every sane citizen in Crestone to rise up and fight that “Spiritual Alliance.” That is probably never going to happen.

This is a global movement of GAIA, a Hindustani/Brahmin movement of World Hindus. Tibetan Buddhism is not Buddhism; it is Hindu Tantra with many ‘masks.” This system created the longest-lasting, most repressive theocracy in the world. Crestone is a multi-Theocracy of cults that are running the town into the ground.

They corrupt everyone, fool everyone who gets elected, and everyone becomes their puppets, either unwittingly or consciously. They are the power there, and they will never let a democracy happen there. THAT is who we have to go after. Not one group, but the Alliance.

Webmaster’s Response: What was interesting to me was Constantine’s connections between Subud, the McMartin case (satanic ritual abuse of children in LA in the 80’s), and mind control fraternity. There it is… the connection between cults, intelligence and Satanism.

I believe that behind the Buddhocracy in Crestone is the Judocracy of Crestone… and well, the world. CIA MKULTRA, the Nazis, and countless revolutionary movements and secret occult societies are ultimately the work of the Jews. One of the famous quotes that I quote in one of my papers… I won’t look it up now…. is that Jews get other people to do their killing for them. As per the Gospels, they got the Romans to actually kill Jesus….. That’s a rather typical scenario. On the political stage, they are now orchestrating a “Clash of Civilizations” in the Middle East so as to set up a holy war (crusades is a term that has been used by our leading politicians) that will get Christians and Muslims to wipe each other out. Convenient for the Jews because both Christians and Muslims are “goyim” and therefore are hated enemies of the Jews.

Am now reading Catholic history professor, E. Michael Jones’ excellent tome: “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and it’s Impact on World History.” Then there is the excellent trilogy by psychology professor Kevin MacDonald: 1) “A People That Shall Dwell Alone; Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy with Diaspora Peoples,” 2) Separation and It’s Discontents; Toward and Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism, and 3) Culture of Critique, An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth Century Intellectual and Political Movements,” These books are by scholars and are extremely well-researched and lay it out pretty well.

MacDonald’s thesis is that various scientific movements, Freudian psychoanalysis, the Boasian school of anthropology, leftist political ideology and behavior, the Frankfurt School of Social Research in Germany, etc. were always fraudulent attempts by small groups of influential Jews to exert corrupting control over society- ultimately to destroy the Catholic Church and Christianity and Christian societies one by one and usher in their Universal utopia- the Jewish World Order. Draw a straight line from these old movements to the global warming fraud…. another instance of “Jewish science.” It is Talmudic in it’s goals- they believe that small groups of Rabbis act in lieu of God (because they regard themselves as God) and decide on the very nature of reality. It is a covert war for conquest of ….. everything. For them, (their) “consensus” has always trumped the scientific method. They do not consult others or reality itself. Their own pronouncements are sufficient to make it “truth,” at least in their psychotic and deranged minds.

Judaism appears to be the largest and possibly the baddest and most successful of the many, many “possession cults.” Anthropologists have noted that in rituals of Haiti voodoo priests we find common references to Cabalistic symbols and even Hebrew words- so their black magic is now merged with many other systems of occult black magic- probably Buddhism too. We are dealing with myriad movements and cults that are controlled ultimately by the main Judeo/Masonic/Satanic cults.

Of course this sounds outrageous….. But just think of what is happening in Crestone…. Is it not outrageous?

Historically, Judaism merged with magical occultism in England under John Dee (also a spy with the moniker 007), who was the mentor of Francis Bacon. Masonry got going about this time… esoteric, occult, Cabbalistic in it’s beliefs and rituals. The British East India Company (which has morphed into the Committee of 300) conquered and subjugated India, of course. This happened back in the 1700’s- so the magic and occult aspects of Hinduism then got enlisted into the cause of British Israel’s world conquest (as well as Masonry). And of course the English aristocracy intermarried with daughters of Jewish financiers and now they call themselves Lord, Duke, Earl, Prince, and soon, even King (William).

It seems the fire district is really on the run now. Bruce’s lawsuit names (three former POA board members) and has been re-issued. And it now appears there is a “people’s” majority on the Board and things can change around here. It is a breath of fresh air….. Who knows how it will play out though.