Alan Watt on Long-Term “Plan” & Global Government “Matrix,” Maurice Strong, UN Global Privatization of Water Resources, and UN Agenda 21 (2007 & 2009 interview)

I. Alan Watt on the Long-Term “Plan,” Global Government “Matrix” and UN Agenda 21 (TruthQuest With Melodee, Oct. 30, 2007 interview)

Webmaster Comment: This two-part 2007 interview with Alan Watt is a brilliant summary of the “big picture” behind Operation Crestone/Baca and Maurice Strong’s “water-play” in the San Luis Valley. I have re-listened to this interview on June 3, 2021. This is and excellent summation of what is going on. This is one of the best, most insightful interviews I have heard, let alone participated in, ever. And it touches on most of the most important topics we are confronted with today.

Alan Watt died on March 4, 2021, but his website,, is still functional.

First Hour:

Second Hour:

II. Alan Watt (Feb 13, 2009) No Steps Forward, All Steps Back

III. Alan Watt — A Note on the Passing of a Great Thinker, Researcher and Radio Voice.

Brief Tribute to A Great Researcher and a Great Man

Alan Watt, radio host, researcher, gentleman and scholar, passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, 4th March 2021.

Alan Watt — 1965–2021.

His breathtakingly profound and deeply researched talks, which he called ‘Cutting Through The Matrix’, were the still voice of calm in a world long ago gone cruel and insane. He helped so many people comprehend the events in society and in the process taught them to think and understand for themselves.

Alan also wrote many books, mostly under pseudonyms, in the fields of religion, philosophy and poetry. A true renaissance man, he was rare in the current world of hyper specialisation and blinkered thinking.

Although Alan was mostly recently known for his work on radio exposing the plans of the Globalist Cabal he also had a successful career as a professional touring musician. As a session guitarist he had some very interesting stories about the way the music industry really works behind the scenes. He worked as a singer, songwriter and performer in folk, blues, pop, rock and classical music. Alan also played with some of the best known artists of his generation.

Each Christmas, Alan would compose and release a song; this song, ‘Wistfully Yours’, that was released in 2015, is fitting to end this short tribute. In the photo, which is taken along the drive from his home in Ontario, Canada, you can see his beloved dog Hamish in the distance.

(Click on the Image to Hear the Song, ‘ Wistfully Yours’, December, 2015.)
Alan Watt’s Guitar Solo, “Wistfully Yours”
Hamish, Alan’s Best Pal.

“When you can break through this System with all of the sciences behind it and the Wisdom of the Ages that’s meant to keep you in a mental straitjacket from birth ’til death — When you’ve overcome that, you’ve overcome the world, and you can go on from there.” Alan Watt.

Alan touched the hearts and minds of so many and he will be missed by us all. One day we’ll meet on the other side of the Sun and we’ll have a party and a good old laugh about it all; but until then, God Speed You Alan Watt.

To Find Out More About the Work Of Alan Watt :

Visit his Website which is still being run by friends as a memorial to his work : Cutting Through The Matrix

Or, Listen To His Back Catalogue of Talks on Youtube : Alan Watt — Talks

IV. On Alan Watt’s Health Problems: He was 51 years old at the time. We have to ask: Was He Hit/”Deleted” by Directed Energy Weapons?


V. Alan Watt Deleted by Youtube (February 21, 2021)