Psychological Warfare and Agent Provacateurs – Speech by Beverly Eakman

Beverly Eakman speaks about how to counter group manipulation and agent provacateurs.

Life Haqs
1 year ago
Wow this vid is great, i’m surprised it’s not more popular.

Cherie Martin
7 years ago
This was excellent! Shared 3x! 

Field Interference
7 years ago
A very thought-provoking lecture by Beverly Eakman about how to counter agent provacateurs and group manipulation tactics (e.g. the delphi method).

Please pay close attention; this will help you in your dealings with the endless droves of people that attack the work of Dr. Judy Wood and anybody else who promotes sound science in this age of deceit!

Kept Ink
5 years ago
Very Good.

Cedric A
7 years ago

Kenneth Smith
2 years ago