NWO, 9/11 False Flag, Global Warming Fraud, UN Agenda 21, Cults (Crestone), 4th World Collective Mind-Transhumanism, & Gangstalking Connections; From “MKULTRA & Intel Community Database”

NWO, 9/11 False Flag, Global Warming Fraud, UN Agenda 21, Cults (Crestone), 4th World Collective Mind-Transhumanism, & Gangstalking Connections: From “MKULTRA & Intel Community Database”

Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, CSUS

<Webmaster’s Introduction: The source of the following 85 informational flow charts/diagrams is MKULTRA and Intel community database. The website is interactive in the sense that each of the institutions, secret societies, government agencies, technologies, social movements, cults, and individuals, etc. on the diagrams can be highlighted in order to pull up a new screen and learn more about them. Underneath many, not all, of the diagrams are pertinent articles and informational resources that further explain these connections.

Of course, while the diagrams reveal many of the important historical connections between these entities, no such system (with the possible exception of conscious supercomputers) could possibly reveal all the connections. Hence, the website and diagrams can be seen as partial maps of the alternative “reality” that has been carefully fabricated over many decades by leading intel agencies, secret societies, psychologists, and scientists, etc., to shepherd an unsuspecting public into satanic one world government. Unfortunately, this process is almost complete. However, there may still be time to utilize this information to oppose and defeat this diabolical agenda.

These diagrams confirm most IF NOT ALL of the major conclusions and connections I have already discovered and described in my websites (including those detailed on this site as well as my gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com, naturalclimatechange.org, and 911nwo.com websites).

Examination of these 85 diagrams also indicates much information that I have not presented in my websites. And likewise, of course, there is a tremendous amount of information on my websites that is not referenced in the diagrams. Nonetheless, these independently derived data sets reinforce each other. So my hat is off to the author(s) of these extremely informative and insightful flow charts. I understand how much time and effort in involved in doing this kind of research! And the interactive method of presentation on the “MKULTRA Intel Community Database” website is quite user-friendly as well.

In fact, these diagrams reveals much about the hidden architecture of oppression that rules society. Here, for those willing to explore, is the real “the world system,” or as I would interpret it, “Satan’s world system.” And here are the methodologies by which Satan and his minions are not only enslaving humanity but “transhumanizing” us into a race of cyborg slaves. This has been done through mind control, cybernetics, fabricated cults, fabricated social movements, and deployment of very sophisticated, still secret, technologies. Together, these elements create a massive spider web of designed to enslave, transhumanize, and/or exterminate humanity so that the very powerful few, who I suggest are satanically-possessed psychopaths, will have total control of everything.

I subdivide these flow charts into the following categories which detail much about the following institutions, operations, etc.:

A. Major Long-Term Goals and Methods:

One World Government
Mind Control
Total Control

B. Major Front Organizations:

British Empire
British Israel World Federation
State of Israel
Banking Cartels
United Nations
The Club of Rome
Esalen Institute
Tavistock Institute
Stanford Research Institute
Project For a New American Century (PNAC)

C. Military and Intelligence Agencies:

MI6 (British Intelligence)
Mossad (Israeli Intelligence)
Military Industrial Complex,
DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

D. Major Covert Intelligence Operations:

9/11 False Flag
Global Warming Hoax
JFK Assassination
Psychological Operations (PsyOp)
Global War on Terrorism
New Phoenix Program
Disinformation Corporation
Counterintelligence/Alternative Media
Internet Trolling/Gangstalking/Cyber Terrorism
EMF/Mind Control
Rock Music Mind Control Op

E. Mind Control and Cybernetics:

Frankfurt School
Macy Conferences
MKULTRA (Doctors, Hospitals, Victims)

F. Cults Created By Intelligence Agencies

UFO Cults
New Age Movement
Institute For Noetic Sciences
Crestone, CO
Naropa Institute
Laurel Canyon
Process Church of the Final Judgement

G. Underlying Hidden and Quasi-Hidden Institutions

Third Reich/Nazis
The Round Table Groups of the British Empire
Jewish Kabbalah
Sabbatean Judaism
Order of Skull and Bones
Secret Societies and Mystery Schools
Top Evil Villains
Blood Sacrifice/Ritual Sacrifice

Flow Charts-Diagrams from MKULTRA and Intel community database

A. Major Long-Term Goals and Methods

I. World Government Flow Chart

II. (4) Fourth World (battle for the collective mind)

III. New World Order

IV. Globalism

V. Transhumanism (Mind Op. v.06) Flow Chart

VI. Eugenics And Population Control Flow Chart

VII. Ivan Pavlov Flow Chart

VIII. Biological Warfare Flow Chart

IX. Pandemics Flow Chart

X. Aldous Leonard Huxley Flow Chart

XI. United Nations Agenda 21

B. Major Front Organizations

XII. British Empire Flow Chart

XIII. British Israel World Federation

XIV. State of Israel Flow Chart

XV. Dr. John Dee

XVI. Banking Cartels Flow Chart

XVII. Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

XVIII. SRI Stanford Research Institute

XIX. United Nations

XX. UNESCO Flow Chart

XXI. The Club of Rome Flow Chart

XXII. Esalen Institute Flow Chart

XXIII. B.F. Skinner Flow Chart

XXIV. R. Gordon Wassen Flow Chart

C. Military and Intelligence Agencies

XXV. CIA Central Intelligence Agency Flow Chart

XXVI. CIA Special Activities Division (SAD)

XXVII. Military-Industrial Complex Flow Chart

XXVIII. (Israeli) Mossad (Institute For Intelligence And Special Operations)

XXIX. George H.W. Bush Flow Chart

XXX. DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

XXXI. MI-6 Military Intelligence Service 6 Flow Chart

XXXII. PNAC Project For A New American Century Flow Chart

D. Major Covert Intelligence Operations

XXXIII. 9/11 (False Flag) Terrorist Attacks (2001)

XXXIV. Global Warming (“Climate Change”) Phenomenon/Hoax

XXXV. JFK Assassination Flow Chart

XXXVI. Lee Harvey Oswald (Alex Hidell)

XXXVII. Global War On Terrorism Flow Chart

XXXVIII. PsyOp Psychological Operations

XXXIX. New Phoenix Program Flow Chart

XXXX. Counterintelligence/Alternative Media Flow Chart

XXXXI. Disinformation Corporation Flow Chart

XXXXII. Alfred Lamont Webre, JD, MEd, Flow Chart

XXXXIII. Internet Trolling/Gangstalking/Cyber Terrorism Flow Chart

XXXXV. EMF/Mind Control Flow Chart

XXXXV. Rock Music Mind Op V.04 Flow Chart

XXXVI. Global Catastrophic Risk Flow Chart

E. Mind Control and Cybernetics (Transhumanism)

XXXXVII. Mind Control

XXXXVIII. Frankfurt School Flow Chart

XXXXIX. Cybernetics Flow Chart

L. Macy Conferences Flow Chart

LI. Dr. Norbert Weiner Flow Chart

LII. Gregory Bateson Flow Chart

LIII. Project MKULTRA Flow Chart

LIV. MKULTRA Doctors Flow Chart

LV. MKULTRA Hospitals Flow Chart

LVI. Allen Memorial Institute (McGill University, Montreal, Canada) Flow Chart

LVII. MKULTRA Victims Flow Chart

F. Intelligence Cults

LVIII. MKULTRA Cults Flow Chart

LVIX. Cults Flow Chart

LX. (AJC) American Jewish Committee Flow Chart

LXI. Lindesfarne Flow Chart

LXII. Institute of Noetic Sciences Flow Chart

LXIII. Maurice Strong Flow Chart

LXIV. Crestone, Colorado Flow Chart

LXV. New Age Movement Flow Chart

LXVI. Naropa Institute Flow Chart

LXVII. 14th Dalai Lama Flow Chart

LXVIII. Chogyam Trungpa (Tibetan Buddhist) Flow Chart

LXIX. UFO Cults Flow Chart

LXX. UFOs/Close Encounters/Sightings Flow Chart

LXXI. Laurel Canyon Flow Chart

LXXII. Process Church of the Final Judgement Flow Chart

G. Underlying Hidden and Quasi-Hidden Institutions

LXXIII. Freemasonry Flow Chart

LXXIV. The Round Table Group/Cliveden Set/Rhodes-Milner Group/”The Group”

LXXV. Third Reich/Nazis

LXXVI. Zionism

LXXVII. Cabala/Kabbalah/Qabala

LXXVIII. Sabbatean Judaism Flow Chart

LXXIX. Cabal Conspiracy Flow Chart

LXXX. Illuminati Flow Chart

LXXXI. 322 The Order of Skull and Bones Flow Chart

LXXXII. Secret Societies and Mystery Schools

LXXXIII. Satanism

LXXXIV. Top Evil Villains Flow Chart

LXXXV. Blood Sacrifice/Ritual Sacrifice Flow Chart

MKULTRA and Intel community database